After School Programs

We love our after school programs ! Today with our TK and kindergarten kids we were talking about confidence, posture, and stage etiquette (it’s never too early).
I love this lesson because I get to walk on stage as several different little characters and the kids give me some “tips” on how I can look more confident.
One time I walked in very reserved, covering my face, and mumbling. They all laughed at the silliness of Miss. Vanessa, so then I asked them…
“If I came on stage like that and you were in the audience, what would you be thinking?”
So many answers …
“You’re shy!”
“You’re embarrassed”
“You have stage fright”
“It’s okay… just do it!”
“You don’t like it!”
“French Friiiiiiiiieeeeeees!”
Me: “French fries?”
Them: “yes, I’m always thinking about French fries no matter what!”
Touché little girl. Touché !
So whenever you’re feeling nervous on stage… just think about French fries! It really does help!!

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