The culture at Free to Be Me really does provide an environment where each child is free to be who they are. Everyone is encouraged and supported to grow at their own pace and become the best version of themselves. My son always had difficulties relating to his peers at school and other extra curricular activities but he found his home at Free to Be Me. They welcome and embrace his differences and provide a space that he can’t wait to return to.
Kelli Johnston
Dynamix has made me better as a performer and a person. The environment is so uplifting and welcoming. Vanessa is very kind and open to everyone. There are lots of team building games and exercises to get to know the people you will be working with. I have gotten a lot of opportunities to audition for different things and I love how all of the solo parts and roles are given to everyone who wants a chance. Dynamix has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years and I am so glad that I found something I really enjoy! Tatum
Korey& Leah Smith-Sherry
My 10 year old son has always been very musical but lacked confidence to develop his skills and talent. After participating in Free To Be Me Music Theory Camp, and joining the Dynamix Performnace Troupe, he has grown tremendously. He plays drums and now is learning piano and taking voice lessons. He looks forward to his lessons and performances and especially enjoys the friends he has made with the other kids at FTBeMe.
Sarah Naccarato
Over the years Vanessa Knowles has encouraged my daughter to find her inner voice. Not only to enjoy successes but also to take rejections and grow from them. She truly believes in all her students and pushes them to reach beyond their comfort zones and to keep striving to be their best. She is an amazing role model and an inspiring leader. I am beyond proud and grateful to have her as my daughter's mentor.
Kristin Blair
Cerritos, CA
Every parent wants their child to be the star, to get the solo, to be featured in the performance. One of Vanessa's gifts is understanding how to push and move your child to the next level while providing opportunities to shine. My son has grown exponentially since Vanessa came into his life. He is a better singer, a better actor, and most importantly a better person. Her theater kids are family. They lift each other up when things go wrong. They celebrate when things go right. Vanessa holds them accountable for doing the work and rewards them when they do.
Laury Creyaufmiller
Westiminster, CA
Vanessa has helped my daughter to be more confident in herself. Through the workshops, she has attended my daughter has grown in her understanding of working with a diverse group of people, how to turn a negative into a positive, and that hard work does pay off in the long run.
April Smith

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